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    ACfax - Fax reception with X11-interface for amateur radio
    Copyright (C) 1995-1998 Andreas Czechanowski, DL4SDC

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
    Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.


 * fax_funcs.h : function declarations and external variable declarations
 *    for all fax-related computing

/* This is the size of the internal raw image storage. Adjust it so that
   the largest picture to expect can fit into memory (4000 * time_in_sec) */
#define CORESIZE (4560 << 10)
#define COREMAX (CORESIZE - 1)

/* set this to pre-define a directory for saving fax-pictures */
#define FAX_SAVEDIR "."
/* #define FAX_SAVEDIR "/usr/local/faxsave" */

/* define this if you run on 8-bit X-displays only, it can speed up the
   image-redrawing by replacing XPutPixel by direct access to memory : */
/* #define FAST8BIT */

/* debugging flags */
#define DEBUG 0
#define DBG_APT 2
#define DBG_SYN 4

/* decoding function: initialisation types (see fax_funcs.c) */
#define D_CPINIT  0x00000001
#define D_WDINIT  0x00000002
#define D_LDINIT  0x00000004
#define D_INITS         0x00000007
#define D_ALLOWX  0x00000008
#define D_FLUSHIMG      0x00000010

/* inverting of color- or grayscale-map, color-flip and rotation possibilities */
#define FAX_CNOR  0x00000001
#define FAX_CINV  0x00000002
#define FAX_POL         0x00000003

#define FAX_CUNFL 0x00000004
#define FAX_CFLIP 0x00000008
#define FAX_CFLS  0x0000000c

#define FAX_CROT0 0x00000010
#define FAX_CROT1 0x00000020
#define FAX_CROT2 0x00000030
#define FAX_CROTS 0x00000030

/* writing directions for the FAX transmission and reception */
#define FAX_DIR         0x00000f00
#define FAX_TOP2BOT     0x00000100
#define FAX_BOT2TOP     0x00000200
#define FAX_LEF2RIG     0x00000400
#define FAX_RIG2LEF     0x00000800

/* direction order / line direction */
#define FAX_ROT         0x00003000
#define FAX_HOR         0x00001000
#define FAX_VER         0x00002000

/* phase-signal polarity */
#define FAX_PHS         0x0000c000
#define FAX_PWHT  0x00004000
#define FAX_PBLK  0x00008000

/* color mode definitions */
#define FAX_CMODE 0x000f0000
#define FAX_GRAY  0x00010000
#define FAX_COLOR 0x00020000

/* fax receiver/transmitter status flag */
#define FAX_APT         1
#define FAX_PHAS        2
#define FAX_RX          3
#define FATX_APTA 16
#define FATX_PHAS 17
#define FATX_TX         18
#define FATX_APTB 19

/* fax file-save opearations */
#define F_DOSAVE  0     /* save image with captured parameters & close */
#define F_OPEN          1     /* open new savefile, write header */
#define F_CLOSE         2     /* close savefile, correct header */
#define F_GETDIM  3     /* capture current parameters for saving */
/* fax file-save return values */
#define SAVE_OK         0
#define SAVE_NPERM      1
#define SAVE_BUSY 2
#define SAVE_NFILE      3
/* fax apt-transmit initialisation commands */
#define APTX_ISTART     1
#define     APTX_ISTOP  2

struct fax_savestruct {
    char *name;
    int width;
    int height;

 * NOTE : these variables are made global for read-only purposes !
 * to change any of these, use setup_fax().
extern int lpm;         /* current lines-per-minute */
extern int ixoc;  /* current index-of-cooperation */
extern int devi;  /* current selected deviation (for FM) */
extern int mod_mode;    /* current filter and mod.mode (see mod_demod.h) */
extern int vertical;    /* writing direction order vertical first */
extern int right2left;  /* writing direction horizontal */
extern int bot2top;     /* writing direction vertical */
extern int invphase;    /* inverse phase detection */
extern int invimage;    /* inverse image display */
 * these may be changed directly :
extern int aptstart;    /* current APT start frequency */
extern int aptstop;     /* current APT stop frequency */

extern void (*update_area)(XImage *, int, int, int, int, unsigned, unsigned);
extern void (*mode_notify)(int);
extern FILE *fsfile;

void  init_fax(void);
void  exit_fax(void);
void  setup_fax(int, int, unsigned,
      Widget, unsigned, unsigned,
      int, unsigned);
void  receive_on(void);
void  receive_off(void);
void  fax_rx_backgnd(XtPointer, int *, XtInputId *);
void  fax_rx_backgnd(XtPointer, XtIntervalId *);
void  decode_fax_gray(int);
int   save_faxfile(char *, int);
void  close_faxsave(void);
int   save_fax_gray(int, int);
void  faxsave_complete(int);
void  sync_phase(int);
void  decode_apt(int);
void  apt_control(int);
void  fax_rx_start(int);
void  fax_rx_phase(int);
void  fax_rx_stop(int);
void  shift_fax_coords(unsigned, unsigned);
void  correct_fax_azimut(int, int);

void  fax_tx_stop(int);
void  fax_tx_start(int);
void  fax_tx_apta(int);
void  fax_tx_aptb(int);
void  fax_tx_phase(int);
int   load_txfile(char *name);
void  fax_tx_backgnd(XtPointer client_data, int *, XtInputId *xid);
void  fax_tx_backgnd(XtPointer client_data, XtIntervalId *xid);
void  transmit_fax_gray(int init);
void  transmit_apt(int init);
void  transmit_phase(int init);

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